Should You Start With YouTube, Your Own Blog, or Both?

Question: “I have been looking to get into the Game Industry but I don’t know what is the best way to start, YouTube or my own blog or both.

asked via email.

Both. It’s important not to burn yourself out but spoilers: the answer is always both.

Twitter or Facebook? Both.

Written or video reviews? Both.

Twitch or Mixer? Both.

It’s always good to be everywhere and doing everything but it can be okay to prioritize one platform and work on getting to the others (for instance, my Instagram game is still weak but I’m working on it that in 2020). Just make sure you are, eventually, getting around to the things you didn’t make time for initially.

Now like I said, it can be good to start slow. Maybe 2 blog posts a month and 1-2 videos a month as an initial goal and if that works for a bit, ramp it up. Figure out what makes sense for you and the kind of content you want to make.

So do both! The key to pushing yourself in a healthy way is to try to work beyond your comfort zone but not so far beyond that you’re totally guaranteed to fail.

Ps. If your question is actually which one looks more impressive I would say that completely varies depending on the job but most successful applicants have diverse portfolios even if they have a speciality so, again, do both.

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